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أريد إثارةَ ذلك الجنون داخلك، الذي قيل لك دوماً، أنه سيكون سبباً في نبذك، وطردك، خارج القطيع. The events of this novel are real, or perhaps not
It is up to the interpretation of the meaning of the truth for you, or what will it be

I appreciate your valuable time. Believe me, I am the best to know. That is why I was careful that this was not just a classic, casual novel for fun while you are drinking your morning cup of coffee. Perhaps by it, I want to stir up that madness within you, who you have always been told, would be the cause of your ostracism, and your expulsion, out of the herd.

Humans have searched it for thousands of years of their history, and they have answered it every time, even though they have never answered, the greatest, most logical, and the most ambiguous question of all existential questions! What was there before the existence of anything How did everything come about What is time zero

To all those who are introverted, loner strangers of their societies, to all the madmen, in the eyes of those around them, you are the ones who make the difference.

قسم: روايات غموض مترجمة [تعديل]
اللغة: الإنجليزية
الناشر: draft2digital
ردمك ISBN: 9798215947036
تاريخ الإصدار:
الصفحات: 326
حجم الملف: 1.76 ميجا بايت
نوع الملف: PDF
تاريخ الإنشاء: 10ديسمبر2022
ترتيب الشهرة: 919,941 رقم 1 هو الأشهر !
رابط مختصر: نسخ

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