تحميل كتاِب Ilm-e-Tasawwuf & Muraqabah رابط مباشر


تنزيل وتحميل كتاِب Ilm-e-Tasawwuf & Muraqabah برابط مباشر مجاناً

وصف Ilm-e-Tasawwuf & Muraqabah

His name is Sayyid Muhammad Abbas Al-Husaini. He was born in Burma Country 30. May.1989.
He graduated with Zoology, Advance Diploma in Business Management & Strategy (UK), Dip in
Operation Management and Customer Service, (Ireland). Economic and International Business (Berlin
Germany) Imam Program at Noor Dubai.
Sayyid Muhammad Abbas Al-Husaini has studied with many renowned Scholars. One of them was Mufti
Habibullah, who bestowed upon him the Al-ijazah Al-ilmiyah.
Sayyid Muhammad Abbas Al-Husaini first book was published in Myanmar Country at 2018 December
Book Name is “Kanzul Al-Qadri”
All praise is due to Allah Almighty, the Lord of the world, and may the salawat and Salam be upon His
beloved Final Messenger Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) and His Noble Family.
This book is based on the teaching of the Quran and Hadiths, Including the Aulia Allah Teaching methods.
Whatever is mentioned in this book is our practicing daily and we are having the spiritual state by the
This book teaches simple, efficient ways to reach a high spiritual level, according to the Quran, Hadiths,
Aulia Allah and Islamic Scholar advice.
Our Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) before the age of 40 years, used to do Mediation the mountain of Noor called
(Jabel Noor). Nowadays Muslim are not aware of that so a failure of spiritual level self-control and weak
enthusiasm of daily life

قسم: القسم العام
اللغة: الإنجليزية
ترتيب الشهرة: 915,539 رقم 1 هو الأشهر !
رابط مختصر: نسخ

قراءة وتنزيل Ilm-e-Tasawwuf & Muraqabah من موقع مكتبه إستفادة.

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