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وصف How Reliable Is The Bible?

Hayatuddeen Ameen was a public speaker and Author of Islam and comparative religion. His main focus is fostering the true essence of Islam, and the correction of its misconceptions through publications, lectures, debates, symposia and workshops. He is multilingual with abilities in Hausa, English, Arabic and French. He was the founder and president of Al-Jawab Al-Islamy Society founded on 10th June 2010.In this book, the Author analyses twelve different versions of the Bible. The result discovered is that: no two Bible versions are alike.

قسم: مقارنة أديان
اللغة: الإنجليزية
الصفحات: 63
حجم الملف: 730.49 كيلو بايت
نوع الملف: PDF
تاريخ الإنشاء: 06 مارس 2022
ترتيب الشهرة: 914,730 رقم 1 هو الأشهر !
رابط مختصر: نسخ

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